Following Her


When my tae bo teacher informed the class she was leaving November 5 for Italy, only to return on January 2009, my regime of only one class a week suddenly seemed like a starving sentence.


I immediately signed for the morning class too, picking the worst possible occasion to start. The day before had been an important national holiday. Well, guess what a tae bo teacher does after a very important national holiday? She is full of energy, trying to recuperate from the extra food and extra hours of laziness… and we all pay for that.


I suspected that we could be in trouble the moment I arrived and found her already exercising alone. As it was early for the class and I was the first, I said hello and went to the roof. Despite the bad weather, I always expect that special picture.


Later I confirmed my suspicions with the worst pain in my abdomen. I think she got me addicted to that pain. After bringing in two friends, I’ve been trying to convince Paul of adhering to the tae class too.


I don’t like to see a very muscular body in a woman. Tae bo gives strength and energy, without transforming the body. For now the only thing transformed is my dumb abs into very talkative ones. Anyway, if my tae instructor goes away for good, what shall I do? Follow her to Verona?