Almost Tiramisu


This is my own version of the tiramisu cake, so popular in this house that can last less than half an hour.


It’s so fun and simple that you can let your own children do the final assembly. But first you have to get:


2 packs of Marie biscuits

150gr of good quality unsalted butter
4 to 8 full spoons of icing sugar
1 touch of vanilla pod or essence
1 bowl of strong hot coffee
1 nice serving dish


Using a food processor, whip the butter, icing sugar and vanilla until creamy and fluffy. Organize the biscuits in seven rows of 7, 8 or even more biscuits each. Prepare any good strong coffee. Sit with the three (cream, biscuits and coffee), plus the serving dish.


Dip the first biscuit in the coffee, letting it soak a bit but not too much, and place it right on the centre of the dish. Follow with other six soaked biscuits that you display around the first one. Wait a minute to cool down a little, spread a very small amount of the creamed butter on the centre of each biscuit and start a second layer, repeating the process until you reach layer 6 or 7 – one before the final. By then you must have little pieces of broken biscuit that you are going to soak in coffee too and carefully press them into the spaces between the already set biscuits. I used to fill those spaces with cream, but with time I concluded that I was more successful improving the biscuit-coffee taste by reducing the butter-sugar content.


Finally you place the last row of biscuits, being less generous with the coffee since you need a steady surface to spread the remaining cream. If the cake it’s hot, put it into the fridge for five minutes. At this stage you must have used less than 20% of the cream, once you will need it now. Spread it all over the cake, without worrying to be even. Sometimes I use a knife, and then a fork to create a wave effect. Having a clean cloth in hand is useful for excess of coffee or any undesirable bit around this tiramisu flower cake. Here we call it “Bolo de Bolacha” or “Biscuit Cake”.


In the end you can decorate as you like. Our favorite decorations are the simple ones, like grated chocolate. You also can reserve two biscuits to be crumbled and spread over the top. Serve chilled and enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Almost Tiramisu

  1. Yummi, lecker! I know this portuguese “bisquit cake” it is a variant of the italian tiramisu, but, for me (I know both) it is much better. The diference is, for tiramisu, you use other sort of bisquits, the long ones, and, for the cream, you don’t use butter, but “mascarpone”, eggs and a shot of italian brandy.

  2. Right. In reality it’s a different cake, but the taste is very similar. This one is less rich, so the good news is that we can have a lot more.

  3. I think the issue comes from the title. So I changed Easy Tiramisu Cake to Almost Tiramisu. The idea is to show that we can have a creamy cake with less fat content, something very important for people living in hot climates. And also for people with weight concerns, evidently. Thanks to you both. S

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