Small Mountain Towns


Small mountain towns can be hot like only hot can be. I think they are built at the bottom of hills for protection against cold. As a consequence, during the day, when the sun is in its full potency, one can easily fry.


At least I was feeling like frying in a nearby town, the day I decided to do something about itching navels. I entered a shop where it took ages for an African lady to understand what I needed: just a small portion of light blue or grey good material. In my rescue, the shop owner or a familiar emerged from some invisible corner. Why did he have to know what the material was for? But he asked and I answered. That man, evidently, he doesn’t believe in contact eczema because he accused me of wearing tight cloths! What about loose cloths? Should they protect me against evil metals, just like that?


Eventually, I got what I wanted and I’ve been trying to have a little of fun with it. This is a before, during and after one of my several interventions to protect my skin from any contact with the metal present in jeans and other trousers.


As I wrote a small note on a previous post, I think it’s time to add a few words to that and close this matter once and for all.


Dear Jeans Manufacturers
As I am not the kind of person to sit and wait for others to solve my problems, I think I’ve found an answer to this one. I’ve been trying to avoid the temporary solutions most people use, like tape, nail lacquer, chewing gum… Do I need to say more?


If you ask why should you do something about it, I have an answer to that. In my own case, you would spare me from: 1) Feeling like frying inside a shop. 2) Losing my patience with lazy shop attendants. 3) Having to satisfy the curiosity of a shop owner. 4) Hearing the inopportune comment of a shop owner. 5) Witnessing a curious furious male dance after that same comment. 6) Spending time I could use better than with the needle. 7) Writing a post about small mountain towns.


If I can, you can too. The idea is for free and the possibilities are infinite, from numbering how many jeans you have, to your name, your contemplative nature… It can be fun and also a way to personalize something that, let’s say it, has very little of personal – except for the personality of the person wearing them.