Morning Highlights-8


A lot has changed since I started writing in here, but a lot is still the same. For instance, Paul’s morning highlights are still going on. I am capable of recognizing if something important is happening somewhere in the world just by the way he opens the curtains to let the sun in and the laziness out.


Last Thursday I knew something had happened. In the nick of time between the curtain noise and Paul’s words, I was thinking of crashes. Economy crash? Flight crash?


Though a crash, it was a very personal one: the end of a celebrity marriage. Yes, I am lucky I don’t have to waist my time reading that kind of magazines! Paul gave me all the details: she wanted to adopt another child and he wasn’t happy with the idea. According to my morning informer, some newspapers were already talking of racism as the cause of the divorce. A bit simplistic, isn’t it?


What I can say is that adopting seems to be so trendy! I only hope it doesn’t happen like when people started to have alligators at home – no offense to the adopted here…


Some time ago, before adopting was a trendy thing to do, I thought about adopting. Though Paul has been the best father in the whole world, my idea only served to discover that he is better off without children around. Adopting, as any parenting thing, needs ideally the involvement of two. At the time I accused him of being prepotent, to what he replied he had already an adopted child: me! 


I remember I wasn’t sad because of it. If we can’t want the same, better stay as we are. Anyway, my urge was more altruistic than motherly. It’s very hard to witness the situation of some children without feeling compelled to do something about it. Somehow I’ve been helping the children of people working for us. I never travel without buying clothes or shoes for the little ones. Four years ago we sponsored the Children’s Day party in a school and I’ve been thinking of some other large good move soon. It’s easy to find ways of helping people in need, especially when we think in education terms. In the end, adopting is more about you than about the children in need…