Two Weeks Ago


I had a strong reason to sit in the front row of the flamenco show recently organized in one of the theaters of this town. It was precisely two weeks ago.


There I’ve found the answer I was looking for. It was more a confirmation of something I already suspected. There are a few aspects of flamenco that I don’t appreciate that much, but in general I like it a lot.


Four days after the show, three main elements of the group participated in our class, sharing a little of their vast experience with us. It was a big event for our small group, especially the teacher. Since then things have been slow in terms of dancing. It’s usually like this: after all the excitement, comes a much needed rest.


I’m glad I had a quiet week to think about my decision of dancing flamenco. My yes comes with the knowledge that only with lots of work I can reach a satisfactory level.


It took me almost one year to become a tae bo performer: sometimes good, sometimes too tired to be exceptional… I think I’ll need the same period to have results. Meanwhile, I’ll give my best so that I can become a flamenco dancer.