Beware of… 2


A week ago we went to a restaurant advertising the intention of becoming one of the 50 best in the world. In Maputo? Who wouldn’t be tempted curious? I just have to say: that restaurant is a lot more distant from becoming one of the best 50 restaurants than I am from being one of the best 50 writers in the world… And here I have to underline that I am not pretentious or keep that goal on my agenda. Even so, I am sure that my efforts would be more successful. I hate when they disguise fast food restaurants as something else!


Tired as I was from standing the previous day for more than 4 hours during a ceremony, last Sunday I just wanted to stay home. Paul presented a few reasons to go out and I found them to be well founded.


“Okay, but let it be Coqueiro!” I said, remembering our fast food fiasco.


Paul wasn’t too keen. Last time we went to Coqueiro we witnessed a very sad picture: the owner of the restaurant menacing to kill his drunken chef if he discovered he had been drinking and because of that lunch wasn’t ready. Very sad, indeed!


Anyway, we went to Coqueiro to discover that the restaurant has a new owner. He is Portuguese and he is introducing traditional portuguese food to the menu. We are glad the new owner kept the zambezian touch and the druken chef! Though something has been lost with the change, we had a nice meal with very inviting prices: coconut chicken and prawn curry.


When we were walking back to the car, Paul sadly commented:


“This is happening because Mozambicans don’t have access to money. They can’t grow, the problems start to accumulate and they give up. What is particularly upsetting is to witness how even such small businesses, like this one is, are impossible for them to keep!”


Yep, sometimes the world seems to be owned by people with access to bank money. But then look what the world has become because of it…