Some Cocktail!


This is a post mixing one of my past tae bo classes with the present weather conditions. Mixing tae bo, weather, past and present, in a letter, can be an explosive cocktail. Let’s see about this one:


Dear Weather
I know that we, humankind, don’t usually behave. But let’s get it straight from the beginning: you are not a good example too! Are you!?!?


I think you have decided to forget a simple rule: September is windy and instable, while October should be mild and very nice. This is mid October and it doesn’t look like that. Well?


Besides, last week, my tae bo teacher started an early morning class by saying: “Let’s show lots of energy and good vibes, because there’s an hint of sun after too many days of lousy grey and wind!”


So she thinks she is a sort of rain sorcerer and we, her apprentices.


Have mercy!