Beware of… 3


Sometimes Paul talks about the chain food and how it has been ruined in America and Europe. He explains things and points out how even fish are now poisoned and poisonous. Over and over, he remembers the way I was sick in Europe because I am more sensitive to bad quality stuff. I listen and I note. I have ideas of my own.


The plan was so simple: feed the growing poor crowds with s… food! But then, the poor are so agonizingly poor they don’t even have money to buy s… food. So that same s… food ends up in the middle class houses of rich countries, at least of those eager to save on food in order to buy the latest big screen TV or the trendiest high heel shoes.


Years ago I confirmed how silly the system is, when I discovered by chance that I was buying expensive questionable frozen chickens while my maid was eating free range poultry she was feeding mostly with scraps from our own table. Since then I’ve been changing a few thing around here. Unfortunately, not so much as I would like.


We can say that the s… plan has exploded on the doorsteps of the sick minds that created it. And it smells!