Have Some Sushi


Today, as you read this, I am away. I must be very happy because I am fulfilling one of my little dreams. Sometimes I feel like I am always fulfilling dreams… Well, if everything is in my favor I am now crossing the Kruger National Park where, accordingly to what I recently heard, wildlife is everywhere to be seen. As it has been fresher than usual for this time of the year, the wild residents of the park are not hiding due to the extreme temperature. But that’s not the main reason of today’s post.


Precisely a week ago I returned to my eye doctor. The previous day I wore for the first time my new soft contact lenses. They weren’t difficult to insert, but when I tried to remove them it was a completely different story. I decided to sleep with them since I remembered the doctor saying he would like very much to look into my eyes with them on. As the appointment was for the next morning, I guessed I would survive after a night with lenses on. I did.


Despite Paul’s disapproval and offer to take them out, I kept them until I sat in front of my eye doc. He looked into my eyes through the examination machine and said:


“Hummm! Hummm! Beautiful! It looks great!”


Then we went to the other room where Paul once more waited, and it was my turn to tell how I was feeling:


“No doubt they are very comfortable, but they make me dizzy and I can’t take them off…”


During the next minutes eternity I was submitted to the terrible attempt of taking them off my eyes. I really don’t know how people can do it. The touch of fingers on the eye surface feels like burning to me. After a difficult moment for eye doc and myself, the three of us sighed with relief.


Doc said:


“It’s amazing how you still have such sensitivity in your eyes after wearing hard and gas perm lenses!”


I said:


“I was trained during a month by a Spanish doc on how to wear them correctly and I don’t have to touch my eyes with fingers… I don’t want those soft contact lenses even if you promised me golden eyes!”


Paul said:


“Let’s try again next year!”


We all said:


“Let’s!” (I was condescending.)


Outside Paul picked a few things for him, like cleaning solutions for his glasses. He now owns three new pairs, but as I keep finding them everywhere it looks like he owns three hundred.


Paul and I said:


“We would like to pay for the appointment and this… and this…”


Coming from one of his appointment rooms, doc arrived and said:


“You are not paying for the appointment and I would like very much to offer you that because you were so brave…”


(Yes, the brave refers to Seabell!)


We thanked and left the building. Paul was grumbling something I could only understand after some ears gymnastic. In two words, he was complaining about doc’s love for adjectives. As it is evident, I cannot agree with Paul. Adjective people are a lot more fun. Don’t you agree?


Anyway, at same point Paul felt I was brave too because he asked:


“Would you like some sushi?”


So a week ago I wasn’t crossing the Kruger but facing one of those huge frightening platters with all sorts of colorful sushi. Except for the moment I saw the green from the sushi rolls and wondered how it would be avocado or algae green eyes, I was feeling incredibly relieved. I do like playful things, but not at any cost. Thanks for all the colors in the universe, but I am quite happy with my own eyes!


Speaking of eyes, you should see my guard George and chef Tieta’s eyes when, the next day, I offered the nicest sandals you can imagine for their children. Their eyes had the color of happiness.


(Our Kruger trip was postponed because of JP’s return to his current work base. Even so, it was a happy day.)