Here Goes a Suggestion… 2


I like simple. Simple food, simple people, simple life, simple relationships, simple pleasures… Why? Because it’s within the realm of simplicity that I usually find greatness.


Do I like simple every single moment of my life? No, I don’t. The good of keeping it simple is that when the complexity happens, it looks like an old friend we already miss.


The other day I noted a few complicated things I really like. On number five I wrote: 5) Having two names or why not three?


It can be a surprise to see a simplicity lover defending giving two or three names to someone, but in this case you have to consider the child’s side. If his name is simply Albert, he is going to have a single option: skipping nicknames, he is going to be called Albert all his life. On the contrary, if he is Albert Paul he could be: 1) Albert. 2) Paul. 3) Albert Paul.


What about three? Even better! I kind of have three names and survived. I just use the one I like or the one I want. Depending. Suppose the names are: Albert Paul George. It would work perfectly as: 1) Albert. 2) Paul. 3) George. 4) Albert Paul. 5) Albert George… and other evident combinations. Isn’t it great? And simple?


It’s all about having options, and having options is a way of making life better. A better life is surely the simplest thing to aim!