Time Lover


I have a great relationship with time. I’m not afraid of getting old. Somehow I even appreciate it and I do believe in people who stated the same before me. I am afraid of sickness and deformities, but unfortunately they strike anytime, anyplace and regardless of age.


I enjoy the things we conquer with age, without a single regretful thought towards the past. I love the dimension of time and all the things we can accomplish inside that bubble we live in.


I have to confess that lately my love relationship with Time is becoming a little cold. To mend this situation, I decided to send him a letter. I do expect to move him and get a better understanding.


Dearest Time

I don’t have to tell the way I love you. You are an almost perfect lover to me, though I recognize you are far from being perfect. I don’t have to point out to you one of the millions of people you could have saved just with a nick of your effort.


I don’t have great complains against you, dearly loved one, but lately something has been different. It’s like you are somehow distant, a little absent. And I suffer because of it. I don’t have enough of you to read, to watch movies, to do things that you know I so much like… Time to sleep and above all time to do nothing.


What is wrong between us, dearly loved? What can I do to make us great lovers again? I know that you still love me and I would love to live in your arms to the end of you.


So then, let us both do something to keep this relationship perfect. I am not the type to be satisfied with less and you are not the kind to turn your back to a decision once made. I don’t believe you would like to see us both in the sad role of known stars whose relationship has turned into a bitter fight.


Eternally in love or what?


Time and timelessly missing you much.