My Refuge


From time to time I hear about people incapable of facing their problems. Instead, they usually seek refuge in various palliatives. That might explain things like drugs, crime and other social behaviors.


I always believed I am someone capable of naming my own ghosts, but one of these days I found myself wondering if I don’t have hideouts of my own. Of course I have. I am not worry free. It just happens my refuges are socially acceptable: dance, exercising, writing…


The other day I went to my hairdresser for a trim. In the end, I realized I could have been using my fringe to hide my eyes. How I missed the guys! I think I’m going to be more careful in the future.


From that I extrapolated to wondering if I’m not using my hair as a refuge. It’s not a simple question to answer, since my hair seems to be moody. Hair usually is! Mine keeps me between two options: 1) Medium length with short fringe. 2) Long length with long fringe.


Why not short? If I wear it shoulder length or even shorter, my hair becomes so strong that I have to keep volume under control through special frequent cuts and/or frequent blow-drying, things I don’t believe to be healthy. And even so, if careless I would risk hearing someone improperly call me lioness – since lions are the ones who got all the hair.


Ponytails and most behaved solutions are not good for my almost straight heavy hair. Keeping it long is a simple way of fighting its natural volume without living in the hairdresser, an idea I don’t fancy a bit. Another problem is that my hair grows in high speed (heavy hair usually do), and it’s like the more I cut the faster it grows.


That’s why I am not sure about hiding behind my own hair, like a comics character I used to read. Maybe… Wearing long hair is sometimes an option of someone without options. Nevertheless, it could be a worse hideout.