If in the middle of summer we have a rainy “cold” day, it’s almost sure we end up eating lunch in a usually good restaurant offering a buffet. Sometimes we leave disappointed. Sometimes reasonably satisfied. That’s how we felt on the 10th of November when we left the hotel where this restaurant is situated.


The buffet doesn’t offer the variety of the past in terms of hot dishes, but if the thought is quality over quantity, as it seems, I find it a very good idea to carry on. We could eat whatever we wanted of: grilled calamari (causing quite a stir among the children), traditional Portuguese dish of bacalhau (salted cod), Mozambican chicken curry and Brazilian churrasco meat. As you may guess, a very international buffet! But it’s not because of the hot dishes I go there when the opportunity presents.


The cold dishes are really (underline the adverb for me) tempting! Besides 6 to 8 wonderful cold salads, including prawns, cod, tuna, cold beef and calamari salads, they also offer a good variety of pastry, the best chips you can imagine, cold barbecue chicken and piglet (the poor darlings!), cold shaved beef and ham (poor things!) and finally, the piéce de resistence (poor me!): stuffed crab!


Yes, I love crab! Though, I only eat it from time to time. I don’t think crab is healthy for breakfast, if you know what I mean. I was eating the crab (sinfully!), realizing if there was an island or a paradise where to take everything I love with me, stuffed crabs would be on the list. Besides, this restaurant has the wonderful characteristic of offering another paradise like food: quindins, yummy small coconut cakes. Quindim is like dance: it can be perfect or far from it. The one I had belongs rightfully to the first group. When popular wisdom meets culinary expertise it’s like art. The taste is written forever in our buds’ memory!


After lunch we went straight to Miradouro, where we walked and walked. At a certain stage Paul stopped and said:


“There you have, your dessert!”


I was undecided how to answer a statement totally out of context (eating dessert while walking!!??), when I noticed Paul’s look directed at someone sitting on a bench. He was right to call it a dessert! I met a new guitar player belonging to what I started to call Albino’s Group. He said he is involved in a musical project with Albino’s bless. Albino is an example: as he could not fulfill his dream of becoming a famous musician, he is giving his spare time to help young musicians to fulfill their own dreams. Thought meeting guitar players in Miradouro is a dessert without sugar, coconut and eggs, what a treat for me anyway! Sure I would take a few of them along with the crabs and quindins! Islands and guitars go together well!