Sick and Bored


Though the third day in Durban showed a few timid smiles of the sun, after the first cold rainy night I found myself a little down and with a touch of cold. The comfort of the hotel and the sight of evident improvements designed with 2010 in view were also good to my heart.


That same day I felt a bit vulnerable and “used” that vulnerability to do something I shouldn’t. But sometimes we can learn more by doing wrong than doing right.


I don’t know if because of my cold (but I doubt), shopping never felt so boring. If other people have the same reaction to what shops have to offer this year, it’s going to hurt. Small and medium commerce look particularly down and, by what I saw, it will get even worse. I thought bling was only for threes and other Christmas motives. Is bling-bling still in fashion and I am not aware of that? One of the fun aspects of Christmas is selecting colors, something I had to learn while running surf shops. This year I was so blinded by the silver sandals on display in  every shop I felt like picking gold and green.


Yes, in the end I bought everything I needed in terms of presents. I even got a dress for Christmas (‘You look like a present yourself!’ Paul said and he was being positive since he added that it was the best dress I got so far, besides not having to spend a fortune with it. He always says the same!), but besides the trivial I couldn’t find one I really liked for News Year Eve. So I told Paul:


‘Maybe I’ll wear a new pyjamas during the first day of the year…’ Tradition says we have to wear something brand new during the first day to bring luck for the rest of the year.


That’s when Paul suggested:


‘Why not a different thing? You know you can pick something else…’


In reality, the night before I had a dream with a particular thing and that same morning the news reported on the subject.


‘Maybe it’s a sign the time is right,’ I agreed. ‘I’ve been feeling like these objects and I were back to back. Maybe the curse is gone. No more spell!!!’


The fact is that boredom went away fast. This New Year I’ll wear white and a small discreet objects I hope to keep for a very long time. No flashing dresses. Just a bit of happiness. The hard is waiting. I know what some presents are (Thoth got one too), but I hardly can wait to know what’s inside this one. In reality, there are a few making me whoooosh!