Pass the Bread





I’m reading a diet book for the second time. I decided to read it again because it’s nice and not really about dieting but savoir vivre. At a certain point, the author writes:


“Do not eat on autopilot. Eventually, you will have it only when it counts!”


Recently I decided to apply this principle for a day. Just look how Seabell’s approach to the “when it counts” principle sounds:


10:12 – Banana

Comment: ‘I don’t think a banana is enough for breakfast!’
Reply: ‘I don’t feel like eating now.’


12:20 – Rocket and salmon salad

Comment: ‘Still not hungry?’
Reply: ‘Yeap.’


16:40 – Rooibos tea

Comment: ‘Just?’
Reply: ‘Just.’


20:19 – Soup, strawberry cheese cake and crème brûlé

Comment: ‘Cake and crème brûlé? Aren’t you exaggerating?’
Reply: ‘Tralala! Lalalala!’


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