Oranges for George


I guess we always step into new things to learn. It’s just a question of having the desire to observe and keep learning. I like to discover new things, and I have that opportunity from time to time.


Paul put a few oranges away. “They are rotten,” he said.


I handed them to George asking: “Throw them away, please.”


George looked at me as if I was condemning an innocent to the fire and explained:


“These oranges are not rotten. They are perfectly matured and dried. In my village we use to dry them in order to make them sweeter.”


I was astonished. I had never heard of dried oranges. I asked George to give me one back. He picked the perfect one for me and I forgot that orange for two days. Then I was famished and I remembered the orange. George was right. Dried oranges are yummy. The question is to be capable to evaluate whether they are rightfully dried or just rotten.