Dressed in Brown I Went


Dressed in brown I went to a new beach. I can say it was my first beach of this season. Understandably, I was a bit excited.


Montanhana is situated on the other side of Macaneta, precisely where Incomáti river meets the sea. You get there following the Costa do Sol road non interruptus. We were received by a group of local children spitting and saying unfriendly words. From what I could observe, in Montanhana live desperately hard working poor population, thrown out from the luxury of the city to muddy villages along the banks of the river.


I was able to calm down the excited group of children thanks to my camera, though half of them refused to be photographed thinking the camera might stole their souls. I understand and accept other’s believes, no matter how strange they are. Who’s next? There’s nothing friendlier than giving options. No more problems with children. From the group, Julinho and sister Branula were particularly nice. They stayed by my side all day long.


By Andy’s suggestion, we followed the riverbank until we could. From this experience I learned how to survive in a muddy beach: follow people’s or crabs’ paths. Paul insisted to walk back through a different path and got us in the middle of a nasty swamp. He really does silly things, this stubborn guy!


Besides Seabell, another thing almost disappearing in the mud was a car. The owners lived through very difficult moments.


When we were about to leave, someone from a group in a car parked next to ours regretted: ‘So soon?’ In reality this place is so isolated that you feel somehow connected with other visitors. Though we found a French group too, Montanhana is a wild place where just a few Mozambican families dare to go. Andy likes it because his favorite bike and motorbike tracks are around there.


I could write thousand posts only from a day in Montanhana. The place has an unquestionable wild beauty. Muddy as it is, I don’t think it will attract big tourism. I was so glad I was dressed in brown!


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  1. Thanks, Michael. Blogs are good for keeping us writing and taking pictures. A friend of mine, who is an amateur insect photographer, told me about one or two independent groups for photographers he thinks I should join. Since I recently discovered a microscopic bug walking inside the visor of my camera, I think he might be right. Anyway, this is an extraordinary country for photography. And writing. S

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