Ten Reasons Why


A few weeks ago I came across an article on a South African newspaper stating ten great reasons to visit Mozambique. I was curious. How many points would I score out of 10? Could I have experienced all or just a few? Here I am, living in and writing about Mozambique, suddenly having doubts of my own credentials. So I went through that list.


1. Gorongosa National Park: I’ve been there before it was destroyed during the war and I plan to visit it again as soon as I have the opportunity.


2. Horsing around on Bazaruto: I was in Bazaruto, not horsing around though. Does it count?


3. Adrift on Lago Niassa: Definitively a no. We have plans but they sound still distant.


4. Being cool at peri-peri chicken: Yep!


5. Snorkeling at Santa Carolina Island: Big score! You just have to read my early posts.


6. History – live – on Ilha: If you know this site, you must remember Ilha de Moçambique.


7. Rails across the north: Unfortunately, never traveled (north or south) by train. Kind of a handicap, isn’t it?


8. Seafood of the Gods: It is about Costa do Sol restaurant. I’m a huge fan!


9. Sailing on the bay of dhows: That’s Inhambane Bay, ultimate paradise for photographing boats and sunsets. The last time I was there 2004 was still on the calendars. No doubt I have done that.


10. And one for the beer: That is the easiest one. (Is it?) Be it in Vilankulos or any other place, I definitively know the taste of it.


I think I’ve done well with 8 out of 10. It was kind of helpful in terms of showing me where to go if I really want to know more about this country.


2 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why

  1. Hello,

    I live in Vilanculos for 3 years now.
    I totally understant the beauty of Vilanculos.

  2. It’s nice to hear from you, Hugo. As this is an independent page, I hope you understand why I couldn’t approve part of your comment. We do miss Vilankulos and Inhassoro. Maybe we will visit you soon. Cheers. S

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