How I Invented a Dessert


I like to be active around 5pm because that’s the time of the day I am so famished I could eat almost anything. Usually I have some fruit around 4 and off I go to tae or dance. When I return I am too tired even to articulate my jaws. That is a good way to go through that dangerous period.


Now I am not dancing or kicking. Around 3 I start to have visions of wonderful tasty treats for tea: scones, croissants, mille-feuilles… Ninety per cent of the time those treats can only exist in my mind. Since I know now how wheat is bad for me, better keep them in there.


Without treats, I am left with my frustrated appetite and helpful imagination. Lately, every single afternoon is creative time. Sometimes creativeness doesn’t go any far than fruit. Sometimes it is pure chance. Leftovers are great. The result is the strangest combinations. Try this one: slices of Tieta’s white polenta mixed with sweet potato, all sweetened with wild blossom honey. Different, isn’t it? People who cannot eat bread routinely and don’t believe in like the diet supermarket options have to have strange ways of feeding themselves.


But it’s during this quest for edible stuff that I sometimes come up with a new recipe, like a sweet rice pudding I think I invented (or maybe already exists and I’m not aware of it). I will show the how to very soon. It’s good as only a rice pudding can be...