Record of Dive-4


It seems appropriate to write a last diving report before 2008 ends. This is what I can say about my seven divers, after two years reporting about their lives too. 



Date of Dives: December 2008
Dive Locations: Doha, Maputo and Joburg
Type of Dive: scuba
Maximum Depth of Dive: 78ft
Breathing Mixture Used: regular air
Weather Conditions: varying from windy to very hot



Divers and Jobs: Andy is happy and when he is happy he really likes to do things with us, like our recent muddy Montanhana experience. He is canoeing again and obviously complaining of such demanding exercise. Maybe he will be here for News Year like two years ago. Jo is going to be a father in a couple of months. He is currently drifting between Maputo, Durban and Luanda. I bet he doesn’t want to go far so soon.


I guess it might be JP’s first or second festive season far from us. He will be missed. NB should be with JP in Doha. Meanwhile something went wrong because on the 7th of December JP informed us NB had quit the job and without a single word flew from Doha.


Paul stopped his word factory for holidays. Usually December and January are the right period for that. TD is busy with gigs and studio, I think. When it’s like that the rest of the world doesn’t exist for him. Vic is still a gym instructor and a dedicated law student.


Seabell is missing tae and dance but she always finds things to keep herself entertained. Since she went to the Kruger and complained about the dry spell, it has been raining beautifully. If it happens again, she will offer her services in other parts of the world. She should complain about so many other wrong things besides dry weather! I thought of including our dog in this record. Rightfully. I’ve been reading newspapers to find a girlfriend for Thoth. It’s about time. So far no luck for him. Mating time is now, so pups only in a few months time. Meanwhile, Thoth and I patiently wait.


As for this country, the end of 2008 will be anything but boring. With a new hit from local star MC Roger and the third prison break from celebrity bandit Anibalzinho, there’s more than enough for a very hot summer. Hotter than piri-piri chicken.