The Magic of Numbers


Do you believe in the magical power of numbers? If you do you will understand why I am afraid of this year. Number nine is not a favorite.


But then I was crossing the room where the TV intermittently works when I heard one of the millions visionaries of this world telling that 2009 is going to be an exceptional year for people born in my month.


I started to dance like an apache. Finally 9 and I could be smoking the peace pipe. Maybe the visionary saw my awkward dance (and didn’t liked it) because he looked straight from the square glass of the TV into my eyes and said:


“It’s going to be really exceptional for people born before the 11th…”


What a cold bath! Sometimes there’s a world apart between exceptionally good and just good. That’s how it looks like from the start. Do you think my disappointment lasted? Nope. If 2009 cannot offer exceptionality I’ll have to dig some by and for myself.


One thought on “The Magic of Numbers

  1. I for one think 2009 will be a great year! Even if for me it will be a big change… As for the number 9, it has many good aspects, for a start its an odd number and I like odd numbers. It is one of those numbers that is good to work with mathematically and geometrically.

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