Réveillon 2009


I was only sure of a couple of things: we had to stay in town because Andy and TD usually spend the last night of each year on the beach, we didn’t want to stay at home and I wanted to dress in white since the upsetting news on the Middle East conflict.


Two years ago we were positively impressed with the buffet offered by the sea restaurant of the club. Not this year though. Talk about changes. Let’s see what can happen in two years time: 1) The number of people doubled from near 200 to more than 400. 2) The price went slightly up. 3) The quality of food went stridently down. 3) Key people to keep spirits in the right mood were absent. 4) Mawkish champagne.


Consequently… The mounting number of people divided the collective energy in four groups spread in different corners of the club. On the other hand, one should expect quality when prices go up. Not here. As always, I was the first to suspect that the food was not up to our standards when my skin reacted right after I finished my first serving. Yeah, that fast! Even if I could talk with one of my ex-shop employees, a few old acquaintances and a couple of tae buddies, the true is that we all were left with little to do except for eating.


I tried to control the eating while waiting scenario, but then I’ve been reading a book talking about the existence of a second stomach for dessert. I literally tested such existence. It doesn’t exist. Thanks to excess of puddings and really bad champagne I spend the first morning of 2009 empty stomach. Do I have to tell you how relieved I was after throwing up all the lousy food I had eaten? Paul was worried but next morning I could sense his envy. His belly looked like a large buoy. We rated the food between industrial to third order hotel. Can you think of a Mozambican buffet with no prawns, no lobster and so many other wonderful local dishes? Two years ago it wasn’t like this. Besides, this year we had to line for that lousy food. Can you imagine what it’s like paying more than what most families earn in a month to find us standing in line for food?


I imagined a way to improve the quality of the available champagne by mixing it with wonderful pineapple (truth obliges), totally forgotten of previous milk based desserts. I guess it all went bitter inside. Lucky me. We returned early. I danced five minutes because réveillon without dancing sounds like huge mistake to me. How I missed 2006 to 2007 dancing enthusiasts!


We don’t intend to be here expecting 2010. But one never knows. Anyway, be it for 2010 or 2011 we are already considering other options.


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  1. I was afraid I could have been harsh here but 4 days after posting this opinion I met a tae colleague who stated: “I hated it. Lousy music and disgusting food… And think that we were 100 and paid a fortune for it.” She is Italian and doesn’t speak a single word in English or I would ask her to comment. That’s why I am doing it for her. S

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