Ember Months


They are only three and I believe I have a thing going on with the trio: Sept, Nov and Dec plus the ember on the title. Maybe I should change this blog to November Tales or write a short story on the subject.


Let’s see. I married in December. I had my first child in November. Mother, father and only daughter are from November and December. Parents-in-law are from November and December too. Just a few examples to make you see I am not talking nonsense.


September is so prone to new things that I don’t even bother to mention them. Now and then November can be tremendous important. Both ways. Because things that count seem to have always two ways: good or bad.


Important things have the tendency to take place during one of the three months. Is this a stigma or what?


Though, my favorite month is April. It’s a little bit difficult to explain why we can love more one period of the year than other. I guess April is sort of a memorable month for me.