When I had a family lunch planed for today I was far from knowing that we would have a real happy motive to celebrate. A little diver’s arrival is a fantastic one. So I cooked and I’ve done all I could to keep the spirits high.


This is not an easy house to maintain due to the fact that we never know who is going to show up and at what time. Nowadays we are 5 or 6 but yesterday we unexpectedly had ten for lunch. Today it was almost the same. Saint chef Tieta must be a visionary because she was supposed to come and didn’t show up. Anyway, lunch was bubbling successful.


At dinner we were only four. Andy ate and ate. In the end he stood up, caressed his belly and with a few hilarious gestures said: “You know what? I think I am having a baby myself and his name is happiness.”


It’s curious how we celebrate happy events around food. In years time we will only remember the event itself not what we ate on that occasion. Food remains an impression made of scents and tastes that melt in the amalgam called past.