Sunday of Cars


I have a temperamental camera. Paul doesn’t believe in me. When I start to tell him that I am considering a new one he replies: “Why if you don’t really know how to use the one you have…”


I thought about the subject and concluded: 1) In part he is right. I know I should learn a bit more. 2) I can buy it next time I travel and have more options and affordability.


The first Sunday of 2009 we decided to visit our friendly friend Emmanuel or simply Manuel, owner of the Costa do Sol restaurant. Before leaving I couldn’t resist to the result of Andy’s recent short holidays in Ponta do Ouro. Right. Envy kills.


A little later, when I was preparing myself to take the usual palm tree photos, Manuel came to me from the restaurant veranda and suggested:


“Why don’t you take pictures of my new toy?”


To know how proud he must be of his new car you also have to know how Emmanuel loves Cuba. It wasn’t easy taking pictures with the lenses I had and all the people stepping the entrance stairs, many of them stopping to look at the car. I was already taking the pictures when Paul arrived. Do you think they engaged in the predictable “boys love cars” conversation? No way. Manuel is very concerned with violence. Just like Seabell felt about starting 2009 with a war going on, Manuel pointed the senselessness of that too. From there he stated that we live in a very violent society. One doesn’t have to go to the Middle East to witness violence. It’s everywhere, he said. In Costa do Sol, violence can be all the rubbish people create, the way they have fun or even the kind of music they listen to. In fact, he gave me an idea for a post.


Despite the heat, our lunch was really nice: crab (starter), grilled fish (Paul) and prawns (Seabell). I said to Paul: “Take a picture showing my happy smile.” That’s when my camera decided to go on strike. He couldn’t. I couldn’t either. I noted: “Do you understand why I say I need a new one?” After many attempts I was able to capture a couple of images. For me it was like this camera had decided: “Today I only take pictures of cars!” Have I or have I not a temperamental camera?