With A Little Help From a Diver


As I was cooking during the first days of 2009, TD decided to gave me a hand by putting together his marinated fish for lunch. I was expecting a mess (man and kitchens, you know) but it wasn’t that bad. Once more, the success of the meal was due to the old system of dividing the job. The menu included:


cream of spinach soup (S)

green salad (S)

baked serra (King Mackerel) with ginger and coriander sauce (T)

steamed brocolli (S)

parsley and butter rice (G and S)


Having in mind that T is TD, G is George and S is Seabell, you may guess I wasn’t looking into the blue sky that morning. Anyway, all the credits go to TD’s fish. The rest was good but simple and trivial. For the rice I just had to cook the usual portion of white rice and when ready softly stirring into it a generous amount of unsalted butter and all the parsley I could manage. If you use good quality products, this is an easy way of transforming white rice into something even sophisticated.


As for TD’s piéce de resistance, you have to follow these steps: 1) If you don’t have a George at hand, buy fillets of a fresh fish you like. 2) Prepare a marinade made of generous quantities of ginger, garlic, thyme, lemon peel, lemon-juice, coarse salt and olive oil. After blending all together the resulting paste remembers mayonnaise. 3) Let fish and marinade enjoy a long relationship, preferably inside a tightly closed plastic bag. 4) Layer the filets and marinade sauce in a baking tray. 5) Bake at 180ºC for 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the fish. 5) Drizzle with olive oil if necessary, turn the temperature to grill and let it slightly brown. 6) Sprinkle with coriander and if necessary with more olive oil.


As you can see, TD’s fish is easy to prepare. It all rests on the care you put into the marinade. Enjoy it as we did.


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