Sushi and Worries


The idea came when JP brought home the fourth fish in a week. The last one was a “Dente de Cão” tuna or “Dog Tooth Tuna”. I am not sure if it has the same designation in English, but as soon as Paul saw it he said the tempting word: “sushi”.


We had active company for the first sushi dinner at home: TD and girlfriend. The active means TD had a role in the kitchen too. If I understood it well, local DJs decided to throw a goodbye party for JP and as a consequence we were only four at the table. The food was really good, but then for a sushi dinner you just have to have really fresh fish and a little of knowledge. We were lucky to have both.


This was our sushi dinner: 1) The completely ignored Tieta’s brown lentils soup. 2) Seabell’s sushi in a bowl with sticky rice, salmon and a few other goodies. 3) TD’s sashimi with various fish and the tuna as the shinning star. 4) Td’s seared tuna marinated in some oriental miscellanea I suspect he invented, but it was amazingly delicious.


In the end we all felt there was no room for dessert right away. Only half an hour later someone remembered Seabell’s mixed berries sorbet with fresh cherries and wafers. It was the perfect dessert for the dinner we had just had.


The next day things complicated as soon as Andy coldly dropped that JP refused to emerge from the chain of parties he had embarked a few days ago. He missed for the second time his flight to Cape Town and the course he is supposed to attend there.


Instead of a cozy Sunday at home we had to rush to the airport and book another flight thanks to a tax paid at the last moment. After that we stopped at the new in town café-bar Dolce Vita and had a late lunch of seafood salad and linguini del mare. I left thinking about JP’s dolce vita and the worries we get because of it.


Since I wrote this post a week ago, JP missed that third flight to Cape Town and, as it is evident, he passed the course for a more favorable tide. Meanwhile, proving that things have the tendency to happen three times in a row, we also had our third sushi meal last night. The second one was on the road from Johannesburg.