Gourmet Road


There are two approaches in terms of driving from Maputo to Johannesburg and vice versa. The first one is making it fast in order to have lunch at your destination.


For the fast version you have to wake up very early, pray for the border (nearly 100km from the starting point) procedures to run smoothly, stop for petrol and quick snack in Nelspruit (nearly 300km from the start), repeat the same in the Ultra City stop (nearly 500km from the start and 150km still to go). We know it works because we have done it often.


The second road version of the same journey is the take it easy one. You spend two or three hours more in terms of time, but you arrive less stressed and a lot better fed. Instead of stopping at road joints you pick the best places to eat and take your time.


Suppose you are driving from Johannesburg to Maputo. First stop can be Ultra City (150km after the start) for petrol. Supposing you didn’t left empty stomach, you can have a serve of fruit (good for your health) and whatever you have to do. Next stop will be only 80km ahead, precisely the time to digest that fruit you had. This time you don’t feed your car but yourself. We suggest simple trout fillets with lemon and a drink of your choice. That’s a good starter.


You return to the road. At this stage both car and you have enough fuel to keep running. Next stop is in Nelspruit, another hundred kilometers ahead. There you have a wide variety of restaurants to select from. You can pick one of the various grill houses offering a nice steak or think seafood and Japanese.


After feeding your car too, from Nelspruit on you can have a last stop at the gas station before the border for water, fruit, petrol or whatever your car and you need.


Surely you aren’t going to be in Maputo at lunchtime, but you can have a late tea or a cozy dinner in the comfort of your home.


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