In the Quietness of Summer


This week I received really good news in terms of summer programs. They came after a few others not so good. It was time something positive happened to make me forget the worst.


Since December we have been in ‘house arrest’. First it was the rain turning the roads into dangerous muddy pools. Subsequently it has been the heat and humidity.


In the end we are doing what people living in cold climates do: whenever possible seeking refuge from the harshness of the weather. We seem unable to stay far from the air conditioner. Cowards!


I’ve been the worst coward of them all. I spend my days watching people coming and saying: “I should have stayed home… Outside is like hell!”, rivers of sweat flowing from every single pore of visible skin. I have become a coward from listening to others’ misery.


Extreme temperatures have their own beauty. One afternoon I wrote down the following: It’s so beautiful outside! It’s sunset now. As we have the air conditioner on, it’s exquisite the contrast between the hot red outside and the fresh somber inside. Maybe you, living in a cold climate, have a similar feeling when it’s very cold and you look outside through a window of a cozy heated room. The indelible attraction of contrasts!


2 thoughts on “In the Quietness of Summer

  1. Seems like this year we have extreme temperatures on both sides of the world… Its been pretty cold around here! And I know that Melbourne has been unusually hot this Summer.

    I would be hiding in an air conditioned room if I was there…

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