It’s Party Time!


Today we are throwing a party for JP. Finally he is celebrating his anniversary with us, after a few years working in this date. He has been showing his joy and we are all pretty mobilized.


Our guard George was the first one directly involved with the preparations. He usually is. He has spent Thursday gardening and painting. He painted and repaired an extra toilette so that we don’t have people coming and going inside the house with all inherent inconveniences and risks. In the end of the day he was all smiles. His energy is a rarity and galvanizes other people around him. This time we have two guards on duty, because the last party someone took wood art from the front patio.


JP has invited twenty friends, but owing to the last party I am thinking double. I organized the following menu for him: 1) Starters: peanuts, cashew nuts, chamuças, rissoles and cold chicken. 2) Mozambican feijoada (beans stew). 3) Brazilian feijoada. 3) Barbecue meat and chicken. 4) Orange and pinapple slices. 5) Sorbet. 6) Special cake (my present to JP). 7) Black forest cake.


I believe JP is popular not only because he is always paying drinks but also because he is a good company and someone friends can rely on. Because of all this, I think he deserves to have a really good time.


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