A Glimpse Into a Party


It took us three days to organize JP’s party and one to put things back in order. We counted with the support of Tieta (chef), Albert (guard and housekeeping), George (guard and handyman) and Americo (driver, mechanic and messenger). Tieta spent two days cooking pans and pans of Brazilian and Mozambican feijoada, not due to lack of creativity but to expressed interest. As usual, she didn’t show up Monday and Tuesday. Notwithstanding the monetary reward received, she still needs this form of expression to show her distaste for extra work. My chef is a passive protester.


Though help was appreciated, I believe nothing bad happened because Andy and JP’s friends are getting older and wiser. The only still living the parties phase is JP and a couple more. When is JP going to realize that things are changing? Most of his friends are now married and some already with children. In terms of communication, I could feel that he is more drawn to me than to some of them.


Party dog Thoth played to exhaustion. Monday he was off like Tieta. My beautiful dog is getting wiser too. He plays wisely and needs more time to recuperate.


We cooked for 30 to 40 people and less than 30 showed up. We had leftovers even after feeding all the guards on duty in the neighbourhood. Sadly alcohol is never enough.


Andy was a reasonable DJ but nobody danced. Most of them had been partying for ten days and it showed. The result of maturity had positive material consequences: no broken glasses, no missing forks, no stolen statues… It felt strange.


I was glad to have my three divers together: TD, Andy and JP. JP was glad to have a few friends with him, though I can think of a handful of them who couldn’t make it for professional reasons. (The maturity aspect.) All in one, the balance is positive.


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