Mother Nature Is Pro


Maybe because I was anti-Valentine’s I could have the necessary detachment to stare at the moon on the 14th, photograph it and amazingly surprised concluded it was heart shaped. How more romantic than this can nature be?


Then I started to collect yellowish stones on the beach. Every single day I returned home with a handful of them. On the afternoon of the 14th, during my first beach stroll, I recognized two heart shaped stones. I was kind of amused. The second day I had a small heart shaped stone among the lot. I kept quiet. The third day I got another heart like stone. I just smiled. I was spending less then five minutes minding about stones per beach visit and chances of finding heart shaped stones were small. Then, on the 17th, I found such a perfect heart shaped stone I couldn’t avoid acknowledging the coincidence and showing it.


In normal circumstances I would be moved because of so many hearts. Maybe I would talk of signs. Maybe I would change my mind. But no. Mother Nature can be pro, but I am still anti. And I’ll be anti for as long as I have to.


3 thoughts on “Mother Nature Is Pro

    1. This was posted at the wrong date and without the pictures it shows now… Sorry for that, Chanda. As for being stubborn, I have to agree on that and send the compliment back. But if stubbornness could be measured I humbly guess I would have won (lost?). Thanks for the link but here I am not talking about the first walk on the moon but about stones I found by myself in a four day period and in less than half an hour of beach strolls. A little bird told me you are looking and feeling well today. I am all smiles because of that. S

  1. No problem… I enjoyed the early sneak preview of the post.

    No fever left, just some cough and sneezes.

    I think its special you found ❤ shaped stones so many days in a row…

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