How It Was


Our recent stay in Ponta do Ouro was very comfortable thanks to a friend who owns the best house I know down there. I was also glad to see it was well organized, a consequence of past bad experiences in the few restaurants available.


Better let you cast an eye over my notes to give you an idea of how it was:


February, 14

– In the future we have to check the ferryboat first. A couple of days after returning we read about the “eminence of a disaster”. No wonder we were only two cars crossing to Catembe that morning.
– Terrible roads and nice people describe well this country.
– Arrival. Little rest. Green bikini and beach for a short swim. Due to a very high tide, the sand extension was reduced to ten per cent. Someone referred to the global warming.
– Classical dinner of oregano chicken breasts and linguini.
– Internet available thanks to mobile system.
– French tunes.


February, 15

-We toasted the first morning in Ponta do Ouro. We would toast a lot more.
Blue bikini and beach. The tide wasn’t so brave, but the crowd was. We did enjoy meeting a couple of friends though.
– Paul and I had our first and only disagreement due to his supermarket addiction.
– Return to base for fish and salad lunch.
Blue and red bikini for a stop on the beach café and a long sunset walk.
– Nice dinner of bacalhau (code fish), internet and Brazilian music.


February, 16

– I love unexpected gifts in unexpected places! Don’t you?
– A few moments on the beach with brown bikini and one of the handy sarongs I had brought with me. Beach dogs are extremely loyal. When I arrived they had already adopted another couple. As soon as the couple left I had around me not only the adopted ones but also a few I suspected to belong to other visitors.
– After negotiating an extra day in Ponta do Ouro for a supermarket stroll in Manguzi (20km after Farazela border), we both didn’t get a lot from the deal: Paul hated the supermarket (What a surprise!) and the perfect day never happened.
– Mid afternoon snack of smoked mussels bought in Manguzi gave me an allergic reaction. Paul insisted my carrot muffins weren’t enough as dessert and added a colorful small cake to our shopping list. It happened to be so disgusting it now features as number one in the list of the worst things ever tasted.
– Finally, I did enjoy my first moment on the water during the afternoon thanks to a quiet beach, a mild afternoon and a lilac bikini.
– Sushi dinner requested and prepared by Seabell, though she started to feel guilty when she remembered this guy.
– Internet and soft music.


February, 17

– Colorless beach morning with yellow bikini.
– Colorful lunch of steak fillet, spinach puree and chips.
– Cozy silent afternoon writing these notes while Paul slept.
– Second best moment snorkeling alone. Well, with a white bikini to be precise.
– Concerns around fishing nets and the behavior of people on the beach grew all the time. In the same place were once we could easily watch medium size fish and stingrays, only scattered plants, small and minuscule fish have survived.
– Risotto dinner, tango music and playing with pictures taken so far.


February, 18

– Return via Boane to avoid the ferry trauma. Once again we were saved by a Ponta do Ouro group and so we could avoid the worst muddy bit of Zitundo. Still, roads are so bad I strongly recommend not only 4×4 cars but also 4×4 bras – if you intend to arrive in just one piece.


Final note: I do intend to return to Ponta do Ouro but let’s say that after this time I won’t miss it the way I used to. Maybe I just picked the wrong tide to be there.


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  1. Your bikini collection is amazing…waht a beautifull colours! Is that a “libelle” in the lilac one? Just Beautifull. LOL

  2. Colors are very enjoyable, Isa. And playful too. I like to wear the lilac top with a plain white bottom or even a black one. I wear the yellow one with a plain red or black bottom. In practical terms it’s not wise to wear different bikinis because of tan marks, though with time I’ve learned ways of wearing colors without that problem. Maybe it’s a libelinha (dragonfly) or some sort of butterfly. Missing summer holidays? S

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