Getting to the Point


There’s no use to deny that some subjects turn me off. A part of me is telling that such discriminatory way of regarding serious matters is not wise. The other part just acts. How can one explain positive or negative reactions to different subjects? I think boredom plays a big role, but I always try to find other clever explanations.


This is a list of turn on my heel subjects:


Modern wars – Shouldn’t mankind have learned how to solve conflicts diplomatically? The first Golf War was the start of a sad period. I remember invitations to watch the war in direct on big screen, as if it were a football match. Since then the media has been feeding us with war images at the same rate my disinterest grows.


Drugs – I am well aware this is a huge problem. Either because it’s badly treated by movies, books, etcetera, or a question of too many, it just stopped being a favorite a long ago. I think the answer lies behind the usual quantity and quality dilemma: too much and too little.


Aids – No way I could share the opinion of a known African leader, who had the cheek to state that Aids doesn’t exist. I do believe governments should be seriously concerned with it and doing the best they can to stop it. Again, it’s the creative approach I don’t like. There was a period of books and movies on Aids. It felt like repetitive and empty. If I compare the impact of most of the Aids related creative material with the subtle approach of tuberculosis (if I remember well) by writer Alexandre Dumas in The Lady of the Camellias, I fully understand the difference between mortality and immortality. No wonder the excitement when someone presents a fresh vision of the most common subject (love conquers all), as it happened very recently in the movie world.


Diets and the usual weight related issues – Now I am getting to the point. Today it’s Monday and I am supposed to write about food, and nowadays food is diet and diet is food. I wasn’t aware of my negative reaction towards the theme until recently, when I positively felt like running away from a blog whose uninspired writer keeps talking about gaining and loosing weight. I do know weight can be a serious health problem. Again and again, how boring it can become too! Meantime, instead of being only critical I am conceiving this idea of talking about diets and weight without being repetitive. I wonder if I am not asking too much from myself. Check my next post…


2 thoughts on “Getting to the Point

  1. I hope I didn’t send you to sleep again. I answered your panic quiz and the answer is no. I am a person pretty much in control. Those subjects don’t cause me tension or panic. Just plain and simple thematic boredom.

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