Lunching and Chatting with Andy


Andy and I usually have lunch together since Paul cannot wait depend on his erratic schedules. Lurking under the surface of all his roughness, Andy has an inquisitive, analytical mind. Though he didn’t go far in terms of studies due to his dyslexia, he is pretty good in what he does and that is the main thing for us.


From time to time he chats with Paul or with me about his ideas and impressions. I am not sure if eating and chatting is a good deed, but no doubt it’s a pleasant one. Right now he is very critical towards political decisions taken. Before that he was concerned with the huge number of girls currently born here.


“Everybody is delivering girls…” he remarked at the same time worried and puzzled.


Having in mind all the time I spend with boys, I replied: “Is that so? I like baby girls.”


But he insisted and started to name all the girls recently born or to be born, concluding: “Don’t you think it’s too many? In the future each man has to have two or even three women for himself. There’s no other solution.”


“That doesn’t sound like a solution to me. The world would end up even more populated than it is now, for instance. You must see it like this: if there’s more women, then you have more selection. The same would happen if the vice versa was true.”


“And what about all the other girls?”


“They will have to learn to live alone, to survive without a man in their lives.”


Basically, this was the tone of our last chat. Since then I talked with someone who alerted me to the fact that in countries where the girls being born outnumbered the boys, the explanation was found in the hormones mainly detected in meat and poultry.


Maybe Andy is right to be concerned. Hormones? Whoa there and steady on!


2 thoughts on “Lunching and Chatting with Andy

  1. Andy should be worried for his niece who will have to fight off all those surplus girls to get herself a good man when she grows up. Although I am sure she will be strong enough to live a good independent life too…

  2. That’s the main thing to wish for her. I guess Andy was worried with his male role in a world full of women and I wanted to write something related with the International Women’s Day – here almost completely ignored due to the Mozambican Women’s Day, in April.

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