The Shopping That Never Was


Welcome to the shopping centre that never was. It’s situated in Maputo, next to an already existing big shop. When the shopping building frenzy started, there were plans for three mega centers: 1) The one I am referring to, on the Marginal, occupying part of the ground where bike and car races happen used to happen. 2) A second one in the Facim, a space merely used during three weeks of the year. 3) A third one situated downtown – finally inaugurated in 2007.


Though the last one has a couple of nice shops, I’m only a sporadic visitor due to: a) Questionable general taste. b) Questionable air conditioner quality. c) In terms of shopping, size doesn’t impress me.


Not being a fan of the only existing mega shopping, I wonder why the other two are facing so many problems to become a reality, especially the Marginal one. This one was supposed to reproduce the Riverside Mall in Nelspruit, where hordes of Mozambicans keep shopping.


The question I’ve been asking myself was recently debated during a local television program and it’s that kind of question we all know the answer. Now, can you guess it too?