Boys’ Year Out?


Girls might be growing in number but boys are showing themselves more often. I don’t know what is happening but guys seem to be changing.


Since tae bo and dance classes started (nearly 2 years ago), we just had to deal with the sporadic presence of a boy from time to time. I was convinced they weren’t the least interested in that sort of activities.


This year we have almost the same number of boys attending flamenco and the number of them adhering to tae bo is visibly growing.


Though I believe to be hard for girls to compete with boys in matters of strength, for now we are showing off in terms of endurance. I think we, tae girls, are a really tough bunch. Boys who joined this year must be surprised with our performance.


I still do dance for posture and challenge, not regularly though. If the activity we pick for ourselves is supposed to give us a good feeling, then tae bo is the right one for me.