Pink & Black


Andy drove to Johannesburg and back so that we could bring Mrs Thoth to her new home. We spent a great part of Friday on the road, with a few stops along the way. We found the Riverside Mall once again closed owing to a power cut. It’s becoming an unpleasant routine I don’t want to comment. We turned our backs to it and went to the trout stop.


The weather changed suddenly and a tropical storm rode with us. That’s how a summer day became a winter evening! Nonetheless, the unexpected cold didn’t change our plans of visiting a Japanese restaurant in Rosebank.


We had a few compromises scheduled for Saturday (thankfully sunnier and hotter than the previous day), but if I had to be sincere the highlight was the gourmet journey the three of us embarked on. It started with breakfast in a new Italian restaurant in Parkwood, followed by an early lunch in Sandton, a late lunch in Hyde Park, tea (and a lot more) in a Greek restaurant, followed by a Chinese dinner… Just for the record, it was a bit too much. Work or no work, we spent 60 per cent of the day at restaurant tables.


Yesterday we could buy fresh stuff for our fridge and call a taxi so that we didn’t had to face the incognita of driving through unknown neighbourhoods to pick up our new dog. Only after that we started our road trip back home, with a few stops for water and other obvious pup’s needs, besides a short detour in Nelspruit for one of the best meals we had: grilled fish for Paul and Andy, plus sushi for me.


Keket slept most of the time. She seemed comfortable when close to my black tee, either because of the color or the smell left in it by one of her brothers. Keket (Keke for fiends and family) was born February 4, so she doesn’t have two months yet. Her provisory name was Snowwhite (make us wonder!) and now she is Keket, the Egyptian goddess of darkness but at the same time regarded as the one that brings the light.


In spite of our long journey, she had a good day. (First shopping experience is unforgettable for any girl… ) She has been playful and cheerful, yet sometimes her eyes are sad and not long ago I found her a bit tearful. She must miss her three brothers terribly. They looked very close, as brothers usually are. Well, from now on my universe is pink and black or black and pink, as you wish. Soon she will start to bite and chew everything. That’s when she can stay with Thoth. She will be stronger and capable of doing more harm to him than vice versa. Poor Thoth!


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  1. She has 5 champions in her direct bloodline, a modest record if compared with Thoth’s impressive 24. Anyway, I guess she is very clever and alive and people here will be a lot more attached to her because she arrived so small and dependent with her less than 2 months. She is beautiful and cute as pups usually are. I am glad Thoth finally got a companion. Thanks, Isa, and have a nice talk with Chanda and LM…

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