No Time to Sleep


These days I have little to say except for Keket, my new pup. She changed my rhythm and I cannot escape from her charms or forget the tears I saw in her eyes during the first twenty-four hours here. She is now in her second day with us, definitively the first one tears free.


For now it’s impossible to ignore someone with the size of a foot, who identifies my own feet as her world. The major trouble for now refers to my sleeping patterns. Basically, I’m used to sleep through the morning and be productive during the afternoon and part of the night. I even talked with my nutritionist guru about the strangeness of my sleeping ways and she explained with her usual thoughtfulness: “You sleep whenever you feel like sleeping, as long as you try to sleep at least eight hours…”


Right now I don’t have a pattern at all. I sleep when I can while Keket sleeps over my flip-flops, ignoring any other fancy bed I might have prepared for her. Monday I slept from 5pm to 11am of the next day. I was that exhausted and deprived!


If you think I asked for it, you are wrong. It just happened and I simply can’t or want shake her off. I sleep when she lets me sleep. Anything but tears in her eyes