The Lion’s Scarf


It’s not easy to sort out what is wise to keep from what is plainly cluttering our lives. I remember criticizing my mother because she kept stuff for ages, but today I like a few things she handed to me, like my first robe de chambre and a couple of lace shirts.


Recently I had to decide if the kimono I wore from 8 to 10 was good enough to pass to a special little girl. Unfortunately, I don’t think so. That’s why I ask myself how wise is to keep things if they won’t live enough to give pleasure to someone else.


On the other hand, I still wear my teen lace shirts and I hope one day someone will enjoy wearing them too.


I do regret a couple of things I get rid of. I had a pair of shoes whose cost today is a fortune. Even if I could afford them, they are so, but so difficult to find! I know one day I’ll buy a new pair just because they look like the real deal – and maybe found some solace – but until then I cannot stop wondering why on earth I gave them up.


My father used to be a hunter. He killed wild beasts because that was a sport for him (and unfortunately for too many more), but today I only remember the lioness he shot to save his friend’s life. Because the skin of that particular specimen wasn’t collectable, someone from the village send the lioness’s skull to him. My mother wrapped it in a green scarf and from time to time we stared at one of the few things left from my father’s past as a hunter. I don’t know what happened with that skull but I owned the green scarf for a while and lost trace of it. It was just a scarf but it represented a special memory too.


I know that from now on I have to be wise and careful before deciding what stays and what goes. I don’t want either to clutter or to make mistakes I’ll regret later. I think it’s just a question of realizing how valuable each item is to me.


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  1. Maybe you remember the kimono too. In the picture seems to be blue but in reality has the color of our common name. Unfortunately, it’s a bit old to pass it to LM. S

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