Record of Dive-5


A storm has been unfolding and I am right in the middle of it. I’ll write about the matter as soon as I see some kind of epilogue. Meanwhile, this is what we have been doing besides striving through rough weather:


Date of Dives: March 2009.

Dive Location: Mozambique.
Type of Dive: bell sat.
Maximum Depth: 250ft.
Breathing Mixture Used: polluted.
Weather Conditions: stormy.


Divers & Jobs: Andy is riding the storm and is like someone about to sink but still fighting to keep afloat. We are all trying to be a sort of buoy to him but he just cannot accept the reality. JP is also facing a storm of his own, a professional one I mean, completing almost two months without being called for a new job. I am relieved to see that TD is active. He has just finished a clip for one of the themes of his new album and that means they intend to promote it and sell it to a wider audience. He returned to Joburg but he will be back in a week or so for a local jazz festival. I haven’t seen NB but the idea I have is that things have been stormy for him for quite a while. Maybe he is the kind of diver so used to storms that he even believes storms are a way of life. On the contrary, Vic has been taking the right steps and I just hope he still pursues his goals. Jo is starting a new life as a married man. Though some doubt it, things may turn out better for him than for the rest of the group. Paul is busy doing this and that. At least I can say one of us has been productive. Seabell is entertained with her new playful puppy Keket. It took her three days to learn our methods. Pups fit into a routine in a couple of days while people usually never fit adequately into most of the routines designed for them. And maybe that’s the best aspect of being human: nonconformity.