Cool but Lethal


She is the reason I am in a pink and black phase. Once black, never back. We shall see. She, in our currency, means Keket. No doubt she’s pretty cool. Yes, sirree!


Tomorrow she is completing three weeks with us. She has largely doubled her size. Translated into human growing, I guess she is a toddler now. We started the first attempts to put her near Thoth, her partner for life, but we underestimated his strength and now we regret having skipped a principle any sensate dog lover and owner should follow: get the female first. One of Thoth’s sniffs forced Keket into a triple pirouette. Hard job we have ahead!


Physically she reminds me of Thor, my favorite dog ever, and that means she is going to be big. I don’t worry about size because she is female and Thoth is amazingly fit and strong. (Compare his size with guard George’s, an average grown up man.)


She is meek, full of zing and a bit unstable due to her tender two months of age. She dances with joy when she sees her food, she plays to exhaustion, she sleeps like a stone and she is still interacting with Thoth through a gate. She has the cutest barriga de azevia!


Our hands, arms and legs are covered with fresh and old nail and fang bruises, but she is learning to control her excesses.


Her favorite toys used to be a yellow hedgehog and Seabell’s Ponta do Ouro ankle chain. Now her biting tastes are more eclectic and our furniture is paying the toll.