Record of Dive-6


The day after Keket completed her first month with us JP left Mozambique for his fourth period in Qatar. It was a sad day, tormented by a grave wind. What a contrast with the summery Sunday we just had the day before! Winter here doesn’t happen gradually or suddenly. It comes through extreme variations that are both interesting and challenging. We never know what comes along with a new day.


Date of Dives: April 2009.

Dive Location: Mozambique.
Weather Conditions: changing winds.


Divers & Jobs: Andy’s emotional life is a mystery. We gave up to understand it. I think JP left disappointed with a few things. But then, isn’t disappointment a way to reach maturity? The room where JP sleeps when he doesn’t have anything better to do is empty again. Due to his periodical jobs it’s almost as if our lives have been following the patterns of seasonal work. TD’s life is about to change to a more mature scenario too. We have been trying to support JP, NB and Jo’s aspirations for more regular jobs by creating local a business. Yet, it’s not easy. I haven’t seen Vic for so long that I wouldn’t be surprised if someone said he is no longer living here. I forgot to ask JP if they have been in touch. Paul is still looking for an occupation to keep him busy through the winter and to give us some extra cash to make the difference between having a quiet average time and a few interesting programs ahead. As long as Keket is a crazy pup (as JP calls her) I am not free for big adventures. With a bit of luck, maybe I’ll be able to squeeze a visit to Marracuene and Macaneta.


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