Seabell’s Dessert


Sometimes I write poetry. Sometimes I invent desserts. I’ve been doing both. Here is a dessert I put together with unexpected success. And this is what you need to try it too:


– exceptional yummy chocolate ice-cream

– homemade or any other good quality marzipan
– homemade or any tasty coconut-chocolate biscuit
– grated or flaked coconut to sprinkle
– fresh mint leaves


Start by cutting a slice of marzipan as if it were a biscuit and cover it with crystal or icing sugar. To get a coconut biscuit you have to follow the marzipan steps, substituting the almonds for grated coconut. You can dip the coconut biscuit in chocolate sauce (plain good chocolate melted) or just drizzle some over it. You place both biscuits on a serving plate. Finally, you scoop the ice cream, sprinkle it with grated or flaked coconut and add the fresh mint or whatever colorful trick you have at hand.


It may sound a bit busy but this dessert only plays with three great flavors: chocolate, almonds and coconut. That’s my dessert. Sometimes it’s poetry. Sometimes it’s sugar.