I Don’t Like It


Sometimes one has to say: “I don’t like it”. Plain and simply. That’s what I’m doing today.


The intention was noble: a mural dedicated to the first president this country ever had. Samora Machel was indubitably popular but he died during a plane crash and left behind a few unfinished businesses.


The mural I am referring to is in front of Clube Naval. It’s not the place, the idea or the art that are wrong but the dispersion and the feeling that the work is incomplete. What should be pleasant to watch has been transformed into something trivial and pointless.


I think the gigantic prevailed over wisdom and good taste. Why not occupy only a few meters in front of Naval or just the last part of the wall at the start of the road up to Polana? It would look complete, nicer and easier to maintain tidy as any monument to the memory of a loved one should.


Some days, when I look at the rubbish spread all over the road and the flashes of color plastered in the old stonewall, I just wonder if it would be possible to undone it. That’s not a way to pay respect to someone’s memory!