So It’s May


This year the appeal of the 1st of May had nothing to do with work. If people who went away picked a beach they had reasons to congratulate themselves. It’s summer again and I am stuck with dogs Thoth and Keket.


The evening before it was only two of us for the tae bo and teacher changed the usual energetic routine to a mix of strange, challenging exercises involving stretching, equilibrium and meditation. I am not sure what happened back there but today I woke up at 8am, got a glimpse of a few stunned looks, reported a very nice lightness on my back and kidneys, and started working non stop until 6pm. Even Paul asked me several times to stop, but I was feeling capable of changing the world. As I couldn’t, I changed a lot of things around here.


Our initial plan was: Seabell is up late and we have a nice, simple break-lunch of Scottish salmon and salad. But then TD announced he was coming from a gig in Swaziland and expected to have Saturday dinner with us. We decided to share the salmon with him and I had to come up with a pasta lunch. I also decided to surprise him with another Seabell’s dessert. This time I played with two flavors: orange and almond. It’s really simple: 1) Good homemade orange sponge cake. 2) Good homemade marzipan. 3) Orange sauce to give color and zing. 4) Orange peel as final touch. Usually I think orange with chocolate, but I tried a different approach. The tastes play along well, yet the colors are a bit bland.


As I didn’t trust Tieta was going to show up on Saturday, I organized a Zambezian chicken grill for Saturday lunch, once dinner was secure with the salmon as piéce de resistance.


Despite the trillion of things I have done, in the end of the day I was feeling a bit tired because of the dogs. Thoth and Keket show signs of aggressiveness towards each other and Keket is changing her four meals a day routine to three (8am, 4pm and midnight).



Saturday was really busy too. Though, what I shall remember is the change of our dogs’ behavior. Guard George and I used a quiet moment of the morning and succeeded to put Keket and Thoth together. They played for most of the day. It was great, but after that she was so tired that I had to feed her from my own hand. If I were still picking a best of the month I would have a good one for May.



When I look back and remember all that I have done over the last days I think I deserved the nice Sunday lunch I had with Paul and TD. Andy wasn’t feeling well. It was Mother’s Day in Portugal, but living here we are a bit influenced by the South African calendar.


It was a nice day until I started to feel a slight migraine. I cannot remember the last time I had one and the reason was only clear when a strong tropical storm formed. There was enough electricity in the air to start fires, as actually happened. A good morning turned into a strange afternoon and evening. These days I can only say I am fine when things with the dogs are running smoothly. I am fine.