Two Restaurants and One Week


As Sunday is the first day of the week, I can say I started mine with a visit to a new restaurant. The distance between wakening and finding myself at the restaurant door felt like a morning sigh.


I was positively surprised by the spaciousness and bold décor of that new space. I was expecting creative food. My taste buds were begging for something different, maybe modern with an African twist. Instead they were terribly frustrated with an uninspired, standardized cuisine. We left the restaurant under pouring disappointment. And rain.


Monday? In my mind Monday represents the day the pain in my sneakers injured legs decided to give me a first break. Yes, I still can remember the relief of pain free breathing.


Tuesday I had a set back. Fear. Could the pain return with the tae bo? Nevertheless, it never crossed my mind to skip the class. Besides I am this close to convince Paul to participate and decide if he has the wisdom to swap the computer screen for a few kicks. It might be fun…


I was out part of Wednesday and, as usual, I’ve spent a good deal of the afternoon taking care of my dogs, Thoth and Keket.


Thursday I was up around 6am and even before that morning sigh I found myself on the road to Nelspruit. We only go there if the reasons are enough for the trouble of 440km and the usual mess at the border.


Let’s see. Paul wanted supplements. I wouldn’t mind to buy a couple of shampoos. Andy needed to order a few spare parts for a friend. Stuff for dogs was a priority, mainly: 1) Pick a new bed for Thoth. 2) Register our dogs.


I never felt the urgency of certifying Thoth’s pedigree. Certified or not, he is exceptional. We have Thoth’s documentation but not yet the certificate. For us he is only Thoth, but after the registration he is going to be Richmax Magical Thoth (family, mother’s name and his own name).


Keket is the one worrying us because she is already certified as Snowwhite, and such a name, knowing what we know about her, sounds like a joke. Richmax Queen Snowwhite? I don’t think so. Queen Keket she is. We have to change that certificate. Both our dogs belong to the same family. They are distantly related.


Back to Thursday. Supplements? Checked. Shampoos? Checked. Spare parts? Checked. Thoth’s new bed? Checked. Registration? Oops. It’s unbelievable how we could forget one of the main reasons for the trip! I think a nice sushi platter erased what we were supposed to do next. Andy picked fish and ships, but he wasn’t happy (We are constantly forced to realize why so many restaurants don’t figure in the best hundred list.) and for the first time he showed interest in our sushi. He will get there. Andy was driving. We arrived earlier and feeling so fresh that I went to the tae class, as usual. No pain. Only gain.


I’ve spent Friday trying to create room for Paul in our main drawer. Theoretically, I should achieve that by organizing my own armoire. Theoretically. I just underestimated the space winter stuff occupies. I changed everything I could, only creating a small compartment. I also felt like embarking in a lace and ribbons extravaganza for my own armoire, but then I remembered that when we share space with someone we have to give a little. In the end, Paul was happy with his new conquest and I was am completely in love with the organization of my armoire. Can hardly be far from it!


Tieta became our Saturday star with a rice with clams and coriender, good enough for gods. Paul commented that a restaurant better than home is still to be invented. Another high moment was Keket’s first promenade. Unless I moved a few steps ahead and called her, she squeezed her belly against the ground and simply forgot she has four useful legs. Outside was very summery. Today I heard the temperatures have been oscillating between 10ºC and 30ºC. In a single day! “Almost desert amplitudes,” Paul remarked. If by chance you plan a visit right now and are sensitive to weather extremes, maybe you should think twice.