Bright Ideas


Our neighbours had the bright nice idea of gardening part of an empty field not far from where we live. Our first reaction was congratulating them, but in just a couple of weeks the rubbish, once difficult to spot, started to stand out against the green of the immaculately tended grass.


Rubbish is like a malign flu affecting this town. Let’s see. It’s now 34 years since independence. I know (we all know) that there are endless issues to be addressed, some of them very important and difficult to solve due to the lack of resources. That’s no excuse because, meantime, there’s a lot to be done depending more on work and enthusiasm than budgets.


Talk with anyone and you’ll hear the same complain: “We pay a tax for the rubbish to be collected, but it’s no use. They just don’t care.”


I know that it’s not possible to face all the questions this town and this country still have, but at least two should top the national agenda: 1) Rubbish. 2) Organizing Marginal and Costa do Sol.


The two of them should have been regarded a long ago as relevant for tourism, a fundamental sector to the management of a country.