One Night Read


Cooking books that show a bit of the author’s private life must be trendy. I received two, not so long ago, and read both in two consecutive nights. It didn’t take me long, so no sleepless nights were required. I just read the non-cooking texts and glanced at the recipes, picking a few I would like to try.


One of the books is very cosmopolitan, both in terms of the author’s lifestyle and food, while the other is definitively country. In the second one I met a family that moved from the big city to a farm and learned to live differently.


Two aspects stood out from this second book. Real country people seem to live basically on salads and veggies, reserving the meat for special occasions – very much the idea I had from old descriptions of how people used to live. I also found interesting the author’s contradiction when firstly I read that they would never eat their own farm chickens, while they do eat the farm pigs and admit that producing their own meat is part of the country life scheme.


The next day I still felt puzzled, but then I remembered that in terms of eating we are authentic walking contradictions. At least, I am. I wouldn’t be capable to eat any animal I saw alive and the list of meat that I don’t eat is long enough to step on it. Despite all that, I do eat some meat and that is a major contradiction I have to live with.