Wasted Summer


It was a strange summer or it was we acting strangely, as if we were all waiting for things to happen. Instead of merely doing plans and enjoying, we sat and waited. Andy waited (and still waits) for a place to start a business. Paul waits (and still waits) for an interesting and rewarding occupation. JP spent three months waiting for a ticket back to where he is now. Even TD and girlfriend have been waiting until recently. I have a master degree in terms of waiting. Oddly, I didn’t felt the usual anxiety associated with the waiting.


Then someone came and said “Maybe we have to wait another year…”, and we all start dreaming. Material dreams can be so galvanizing!


Besides dealing with quests and dreams, I’ve started my autumn cleaning. The first thing I noticed was the shell-decorated basket where I keep my unused bikinis and two words crossed my mind: wasted summer.


3 thoughts on “Wasted Summer

  1. I’ve got the idea for this post the moment I realized that I have more bikinis than days spent on a beach last summer. Actually, they are almost thirty, more or less divided by groups: 1) The old ones (flowers, flowers and cherries). 2) The ones I usually mix with plain colors (bright flowers, still flowers, and more flowers, green, lilac, yellow and red, plain black, plain black, plain red, plain red). 3) The favorites, mostly worn this year in Ponta do Ouro (circles of color, sea like, the last acquisition, dragonfly, white, green, checked, red and blue. 4) The never worn or less loved (double burgundy, indigo, green flowers, turquoise, black).

    There’s also the box and the basket where I keep them. The display is mainly for Isa, who seems to like colors.

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